Tennis Elbow

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Doctors first identified Tennis Elbow (or lateral epicondylitis) more than 100 years ago. Today nearly half of all tennis players will suffer from this
disorder at some point. Interestingly though, tennis players actually account for less than 5 percent of all reported cases making the term for this condition something of a misnomer.There are 2 additional strain related conditions which are often mistaken for Tennis Elbow. These being Golfer’s Elbow & Bursitis. Before we delve into the details of what Tennis Elbow actually is and options that are available for relieving & preventing the pain…let’s look at the distinguishing characteristics of each of these 3 ailments.



Back of Elbow
Cause & Symptoms

Often due to excessive leaning on the joint or a direct blow or fall onto the tip of the elbow.
A lump can often be seen and the elbow is painful at the back of the joint.


Golfer’s Elbow
(medial epicondylitis)

Inside of Elbow
Cause & Symptoms

The causes of golfers elbow are similar to tennis elbow but pain and tenderness are felt on the inside (medial) of the elbow, on or around the joint’s bony prominence.


Tennis Elbow
(lateral epicondylitis)
Outside of Elbow
Cause & Symptoms

The onset of pain, on the outside (lateral) of the elbow, is usually gradual with tenderness felt on or below the joint’s bony prominence. Movements such as gripping, lifting and carrying tend to be troublesome.


Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

Recurring pain on the outside of the upper forearm just below the bend of the elbow; occasionally, pain radiates down the arm toward the wrist.
Pain caused by lifting or bending the arm or grasping even light objects such as a coffee cup.
Difficulty extending the forearm fully (because of inflamed muscles, tendons and ligaments).
Pain that typically lasts for 6 to 12 weeks; the discomfort can continue for as little as 3 weeks or as long as several years.
The damage that tennis elbow incurs consists of tiny tears in a part of the tendon and in muscle coverings. After the initial injury heals, these areas often tear again, which leads to hemorrhaging and the formation of rough, granulated tissue and calcium deposits within the surrounding tissues. Collagen, a protein, leaks out from around the injured areas, causing inflammation. The resulting pressure can cut off the blood flow and pinch the radial nerve, one of the major nerves controlling muscles in the arm and hand.

Tendons, which attach muscles to bones, do not receive the same amount of oxygen and blood that muscles do, so they heal more slowly. In fact, some cases of tennis elbow can last for years, though the inflammation usually subsides in 6 to 12 weeks.

Many medical textbooks treat tennis elbow as a form of tendonitis, which is often the case, but if the muscles and bones of the elbow joint are also involved, then the condition is called epicondylitis. However, if you feel pain directly on the back of your elbow joint, rather than down the outside of your arm, you may have bursitis, which is caused when lubricating sacs in the joint become inflamed. If you see swelling, which is almost never a symptom of tennis elbow, you may want to investigate other possible conditions, such as arthritis, infection, gout or a tumor.

Relief Of Tennis Elbow

The best way to relieve tennis elbow is to stop doing anything that irritates your arm — a simple step for the weekend tennis player, but not as easy for the manual laborer, office worker, or professional athlete.

The most effective conventional and alternative treatments for tennis elbow have the same basic premise: Rest the arm until the pain disappears, then massage to relieve stress and tension in the muscles, and exercise to strengthen the area and prevent re-injury. If you must go back to whatever caused the problem in the first place, be sure to warm up your arm for at least 5 to 10 minutes with gentle stretching and movement before starting any activity. Take frequent breaks.

Conventional medicine offers an assortment of treatments for tennis elbow, from drug injections to surgery, but the pain will never go away completely unless you stop stressing the joint. Re-injury is inevitable without adequate rest.

For most mild to moderate cases of tennis elbow, aspirin or ibuprofen will help address the inflammation
and the pain while you are resting the injury, and then you can follow up with exercise and massage to speed healing.

For stubborn cases of tennis elbow your doctor may advise corticosteroid injections, which dramatically reduce inflammation, but they cannot be used long-term because of potentially damaging side effects. Another attractive option for many sufferers, especially those who prefer to not ingest medication orally, is the application of an appropriate and effective topical anti-inflammatory such as Penetrex.

If rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and a stretching routine fail to cure your tennis elbow, you may have to consider surgery, though this form of treatment is rare (fewer than 3 percent of patients). One procedure is for the tendon to be cut loose from the epicondyle, the rounded bump at the end of the bone, which eliminates stress on the tendon but renders the muscle useless. Another surgical technique involves removing so-called granulated tissue in the tendon and repairing tears.

Even after you feel you have overcome a case of tennis elbow, be sure to continue babying your arm. Always warm up your arm for 5 to 10 minutes before starting any activity involving your elbow. And if you develop severe pain after use anyway, pack your arm in ice for 15 to 20 minutes and call your doctor.


To prevent tennis elbow:

Lift objects with your palm facing your body.
Try strengthening exercises with hand weights. With your elbow cocked and your palm down, repeatedly bend your wrist. Stop if you feel any pain.
Stretch relevant muscles before beginning a possibly stressful activity by grasping the top part of your fingers and gently but firmly pulling them back toward your body. Keep your arm fully extended and your palm facing outward.

To prevent a relapse:

Discontinue or modify the action that is causing the strain on your elbow joint. If you must continue, be sure to warm up for 10 minutes or more before any activity involving your arm, and apply ice to it afterward. Take more frequent breaks.
Try strapping a band around your forearm just below your elbow. If the support seems to help you lift objects such as heavy books, then continue with it. Be aware that such bands can cut off circulation and impede healing, so they are best used once tennis elbow has disappeared.
Call Your Doctor If….

The pain persists for more than a few days; chronic inflammation of the tendons can lead to permanent disability.
The elbow joint begins to swell; tennis elbow rarely causes swelling, so you may have another condition such as arthritis, gout, infection or even a tumor.

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…Just wanted to let you know I just re-ordered two more jars of Penetrex. I have been fighting tennis elbow for about 10 years now, first the right elbow with many doctor visits and finally surgery to fix it. Then the pain went to my left elbow and I thought I was in for another surgery.

I started using Penetrex, on advice from a friend, and the pain progression was stopped in about 3 weeks. I continued to use the cream sporadically for 6 months (2 jars) and although not cured I was able to resume normal activities without paying the price.

I have to say that the quality of my life has been improved by the use of your product. Thanks! I would recommend anyone with pain caused by repetitive movement inflammation should try this product…”

Nicholas R.
San Clemente, Maryland

Tennis Elbow & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…I just wanted to write to let you know how happy I am with this product. I am very impressed at the speed of delivery. I am so glad I found your web site. Since purchasing this product I have had remarkable relief from the tennis elbow problem. I had previously had treatment via steroid injections and physiotherapy both of which gave me temporary relief.

Your cream has done more for me in the last 7 days than I have had in the last 4 years of treatment. I have recommended it to several of my friends and family who also suffer some pain due to arthritis. I have to be honest and say that I really didn’t believe that a small jar of cream could make such a difference. I carry it with me everywhere and whenever the pain gets too much I use the cream.

I want to thank you so much for making me enjoy a pain free night of sleep. I kept waking up with pains in both of my elbows and numb fingers. I have cancelled my operation for carpal tunnel as I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my right hand.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful cream to ease my aches and pains…”

Terry B.
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…I must admit I thought I got e-ripped-off at first because this cream wasn’t what I expected. I was expecting something like a souped-up “Ben-Gay” cream so when I didn’t feel anything at all after the first application, I thought I bought “snake-oil”. After a few hours though, I noticed a definite improvement and after 12 hrs, the “tennis elbow” pain was greatly attenuated after several applications.

I have been using this cream for 2 days now and I can say that the pain is nearly gone – what a relief. I feel this is the best product of it’s kind that I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot. I don’t want to keep getting cortisone injections and I’m always debating when I get a recurrence of this condition as to how much pain I will tolerate before seeing the doctor again.

This product is permitting me an alternative treatment – Thanks! I have bookmarked your site for a future reorder and will definitely pass this on to others!!…”

Lewis M.
Quaker Hill, Connecticut

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…Anti-inflammatories and wearing a band for a month seemed to reduce the symptoms of my tennis elbow, but when I discontinued the pills and the band, I noticed that the pain had not gone away.

When I first applied your cream I felt instant relief. It was so miraculous that I thought it was probably the placebo effect I was experiencing! I’ve used your cream for about 10 days now and I can carefully grab and lift items again without feeling pain.

I am very hopeful that after a few more weeks of using the cream, my tennis elbow will be gone completely. The reason I ordered Penetrex is that I know the benefits of Arnica. Growing up in Europe, we always had Arnica around the house for bruises and sprains.

If you have any other products for common ailments, please put me on your mailing list and send me information…”

Olga R.
Toronto, Canada

Tennis Elbow & Tendonitis Patient
“…I’m writing to let you know how impressed I am with Penetrex. As a professional Keyboard player and music teacher I depend entirely upon my hands for my livelihood.

About a year ago I began to suffer from tennis elbow and tendonitis associated with playing and practicing too much. It got to the point that I had to cancel shows and stop practicing completely.

I went to chiropractors and general practitioners and had everything done from massage to Cortisone shots to magnetic therapy. Nothing worked. However the Cortisone did fix a nagging knee problem:).

My wife and I were searching everywhere on the net for possible treatments and came across your webpage. I was highly skeptical about it as I have tried many creams and lotions. I ordered some anyway and I am elated that I did. After three days of applying the cream after a hot bath my arms feel better than they have in a year.

I have no idea how it works, but it does. Thank you SO much for helping me combat a repetitive stress injury that was causing psychological as well as physical problems. Also thank you for your tremendous phone support and tolerance of my questions….”

Paul T.
Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…Your product is AMAZING!!! I couldn’t believe the first night I used it and I actually slept through the night. I suffer from Carpal Tunnel and have been treated with all kinds of prescription drugs, even Tylenol with Codeine, which did nothing for me.

I tried expensive creams…nothing!! I was skeptical about buying yet another product but thought I would try just one more. I am scheduled to receive Carpal Tunnel surgery but meanwhile I needed something for the numbness and tingling sensations in my fingers and thumb at night.

I highly recommend this product and will order again…..also I must add, shipping was very quick!!…”

Lois G.
Golden, Colorado

Golfer’s Elbow Patient
“…As a Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA) I had looked long and hard for anything that would ease the excruciating pain in my elbows (tendonitis, golfers elbow) when I trained triceps during my workouts. I was so frustrated that I was coming to the conclusion that I may have to cease training all together. That was out of the question however as weight training is my passion I couldn’t give it up, but the pain was so great.

I tried massage therapy, ointments, braces, chiropractic care, stretching, and herbal remedies. I could barely do a single triceps pushdown exercise at 50% of the weight I’d normally do unless I wore a brace, and even then my elbows would ache for a week.

Finally I resulted to searching on the Web when I found the Penetrex website. I didn’t even know what I had until I went to your very educational site. I was impressed and ordered a bottle with the thought that, “Well, I’ve tried everything else”. I am in awe to say the least. Within a single week I no longer needed my elbow braces while I trained.

I kept thinking, “This can’t last, it’s going to hurt tomorrow or the next day”. Well my pessimism was replaced by extreme satisfaction as my elbows have remained pain free for months! I have been able to use the heavy poundages I once used prior to the elbow pain. Thank you Penetrex, now I can continue my passion and offer my clients relief as well!…”

Norman C.
Atlanta, Georgia

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…I am sending this e-mail in response to my purchase of your product. I have been battling severe tennis elbow for over one year. I was skeptical about ordering at first after having two Cortisone shots with only temporary relieving effect.

I have to tell you… this stuff works. After two weeks the pain is mostly gone. I use the Penetrex 3-4 times per day and BAMMM… I’m back on the tennis court. I hope this effect lasts. I used 1 and 1/3 jar in this past 5 weeks. I am very pleased and will order more if necessary.

Thank you, I am glad to be playing tennis again…”

Henry S.
Fraser Lake, Canada

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…Dear Biomax: Just wanted to write and tell you that I just finished my first jar of Penetrex and have reordered another jar. I cannot get over how quickly this cream worked for my carpal tunnel.

I was in so much pain that I was unable to get a good night sleep. I had pain in my wrist, up my arms and into my neck. I was taking pain pills with no relief. Then I tried the Penetrex and I was amazed that each day my pain got less and less.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. The reason I took a chance on this cream was the testimonials that you post on your website. I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that I ordered this product….”

Renee M.
Woodbridge, New Jersey

Golfer’s Elbow Patient
“…I play golf and bowl on a regular basis and somehow developed a super sharp pain in the right elbow joint and surrounding area. My upper forearm to my shoulder began to ache increasingly more and bowling aggravated the condition the most. I switched to a lighter ball but that didn’t work either.

So, I went to my trusty search engine, Dr. Google, and typed in: >golfers-elbow< and wallah!!….Penetrex popped right up on the screen, read the testimonials and ordered 3 containers (cheaper in quantity) one at the house, one in the car and one at work so that I could make the 3 – 4 applications a day.

After 7 days the pain subsided and I started reducing the application frequency. After 3 weeks I’m able to throw the heavier bowling ball and swing the clubs at full stroke. Words cannot serve adequately to describe the relief this product delivers and exceptionally quick. Penetrex will be in our medicine cabinet from now on.

The greatest objection that I have had with topically applied creams is the offensive SMELL (and they don’t work well either). Penetrex, to me, has a very pleasing aroma and when rubbed into the skin properly doesn’t leave an oily residue. Penetrex has not stained any of my shirts.

I have to believe that the Penetrex played an important role in my bowling game. Just recently, the second game of league play I bowled the perfect 300 game at 63 yrs, 11 months… first sanctioned 300 game. Without the pain relief I experienced using Penetrex I would not be enjoying golf or bowling. Thanks Penetrex…”

David L.
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Tendonitis Patient
“…Hello. My 18 year old son, who plays on our local college baseball team as a pitcher, had severe tendonitis. I was desperate and searched online for some kind of relief. I found your cream (it sounded good but I was skeptical!!) and decided to give it a try.

This is now my 3rd order and we tell everyone about it. My son swears by it and tells all the players on the team. His tendonitis is gone and he has NO soreness thanks to your cream. Thank you for creating something THAT WORKS!…”

Peggy M.
Mason, Ohio

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Bursitis Patient
“…I had to write to thank you for such a fantastic product!! I ordered a jar for my sister who is a juvenile onset diabetic with carpal tunnel syndrome. After years of suffering, she is finally able to sleep at night.

My son weight lifts, and developed tennis elbow and the cream worked great for that. He also wrestles and after a tournament this weekend, he developed bursitis in his knee. Swelled up so big it looked like another kneecap. After just one day of Penetrex, the swelling is almost completely gone, and the pain is minimal.

People need to know about this product, it really does work. Only regret is that we didn’t find it sooner!…”

Cynthia F.
Westford, Massachusetts

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…Hi. I just wanted to say thank you. Like most people I am always sceptical with items I find and decide to buy over the Internet. There are so many con tricks and rip off merchants populating the web these days that one always has to beware.

I have been suffering with tennis elbow for 6 months. Strong pain killers got me through the day but anti inflammatory products just did not do the trick. Having previously had cortisone injections twice and, on both occasions experienced more pain from those injections than from the original injuries, I had no wish to repeat that experience.

I have now been using “Penetrex” for 7 days and the difference is remarkable. Whilst my elbow is still painful it no longer keeps me awake at night and I can now carry and grip again. Being right handed and not having the use of your right arm is very debilitating!

I have never written to a manufacturer to praise them before in my life. We all only appear to write when things go wrong. So here’s to you Biomax. Great product that does what it says it does on the label. Well done and thank you!…”

Michael P.
Girons, Spain

Golfer’s Elbow Patient
“…Thought that I would just write to thank you for producing a product that actually works. I have had golfers elbow for 9 months caused by working with computers. On looking on the net to see if I could find out exactly what golfers elbow is, I noticed your web page advertising Penetrex.

I am very skeptical of purchasing anything that has not been prescribed by the doctor concerning health problems. But, I could not put up with the discomfort or lack of mobility in my arms anymore so I decided to take the plunge and purchase a couple of jars.

I am so glad that I did. After 2 days of use my arms have improved 100%. No More discomfort and more mobility. Goodbye tablets hello cream…”

Strained Calf Muscle & Tennis Elbow Patient
“…Thank you for your quick delivery. I must say that your product is excellent. I have let some of my tennis buddies use the cream and they have ordered as well.

I strained a calf muscle and it seemed to help heal it much quicker than the first time I strained it. My sister uses it for her tennis elbow and swears by it.

Thank you for such a great product…”

Phil L.
Cordova, South Carolina

Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow Patient
“…Just a note to say thank you. I was suffering from tennis elbow and golfers elbow in both arms following years of bad posture and abuse using a computer for work. The arrival of RSI was a shock despite the fact that I had swapped mouse hands from left to right almost a year earlier because of discomfort in my right forearm.

I started with constant pain and tingling in my forearms and elbows in February this year. Then followed various intensive treatments which included, physio (little progress) osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture and cranial massage. I was getting a little better after 2 months but my arms seemed weaker (as I had stopped all sports and housework, driving etc. in order to rest my arms), and I still had almost constant pain.

I had hit the brick wall and despaired of full recovery. I decided to order your cream in early June. After 2 weeks of use my arms began to feel stronger and this teamed with ongoing treatment and deep massage seemed to have turned the corner for me.

It’s now late July and although I still have the odd twinge I am well on the mend and am about to resume cycling and even a little computer work at the office. I feel as though I have my old life back.

I still use the cream 1 to 2 times a day and continue an exercise regimen which I hope will see me back to full recovery in the next few months. Penetrex made the difference at a crucial stage when I needed to move from holding the RSI at bay to recovery. Many thanks once again…”

Melissa H.
Cheshire, United Kingdom

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient
“…My wife suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and we decided to give your product a try. We were pleasantly surprised when she experienced positive results in her joints, muscles and tendons.

I also have used Penetrex for a nagging muscle problem in my arm and the product completely healed the ailment after a couple of weeks. I just gave a friend of mine a half a jar to try on his ankle ailment which I believe was tendonitis and after only three days he was feeling much better and was very thankful. Thanks for a great product!!!…”

Steve L.
Iowa City, Iowa

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…I ordered a jar of Penetrex about 30 days ago. I have a chronic case of lateral epicondylitis, the cream as you advertise is great to relieve pain. Presently I am taking Physical Therapy to heal the tendon, but the Penetrex is great when there is pain after the therapy…”

Xavier H.
Germantown, Maryland

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…Well, I’m now a member of the believers club. This stuff works. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being extremely hurtful, my elbow was a 9.5 at the time of the 1st application. After my 4th application the pain is almost gone, now at about a 1 or a 2 on my subjective pain scale.

That is a lot of improvement in less than 24-hrs. I’ve been putting up with this tennis elbow for over a week before I found your Penetrex website. Sure glad I took a chance on your product…”

Gary W.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…I work in a factory where we use a lot of air tools and one of them is an air impact tool which is very hard on the hands. I found your Penetrex on the Internet looking for something that might relieve the pain of Carpal Tunnel. I figured I would try it but I was very skeptical.

I tried it for about 2 weeks and gradually my pain has totally left my hands and the numbness is all but gone. I have told my fellow workers about this wonder cream and I am now ordering for my friends also. We all cannot thank you enough…”

Steven F.
La Habra, California

Sports Injuries Patient
“…Hello, I’ve bought Penetrex for a few months now and used it for sports injuries. I also recommend it to everyone I know who would have use for it.

I was just thinking the other day and wanted to make sure of something. Oral anti-inflammatory drugs are steroids if I’m remembering rightly. Does Penetrex contain any type of steroid? I’m thinking about this because I have a sports injury that is long term and I don’t want any bad side effects from long term exposure.

You should really advertise Penetrex as good for sports injuries too. I’ve used it for all kinds of aches and pains. In combination with cryotherapy it works wonders…”

Neil R
Victoria, Australia

Answer: Penetrex DOES NOT contain steroids of any kind. In fact, one of the most popular reasons people try Penetrex for the first time is because they wish to avoid the use of steroids.

Penetrex provides all the advantages of an effective anti-inflammatory treatment but without the concern for any of the negative side effects of steroids.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ, Fibromyalgia Patient
“…I have tried every type of cream and ointment on the market. I have TMJ and fibermyolgia. I thought if it works so well on carpal tunnel, what would it do for my TMJ and constant soreness in my neck and shoulder muscles. I have also had four back surgeries and live in constant pain.

The Penetrex has helped me so much it is unbelievable. I have ordered two more bottles and I put it on before I go to work and again at bedtime. It’s nice not to worry about the smell of the product.

Two of my neighbors wanted to know how to order it, and I also have been going to a chiropractor for years and I told him about it and he wanted the information about it, to give to his patients.

I have stopped going to the chiropractor on a weekly basis. Your product is WONDERFUL!!! I haven’t felt this good in the last five years. Thank You…”

Shannon W.
Chicago, Illinois

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…I am an Internet Developer/Programmer and have been suffering from severe CTS for the past 9 months. I have been dreading surgery, but felt there was no other way. I have searched and searched the internet for something, anything.

Last week my wife found your site and ordered me a jar of Penetrex. I have been using it for four consecutive days and can type as fast as I used to, I can hold my 7 month old son without grimacing, I can lift heavy objects again…the list goes on and on. The best part is that I feel no more pain. I can’t thank you enough…”

Kevin F.
Bloomington, Minnesota

Tendonitis & Trigger Finger Patient
“…I just received my first jar of Penetrex last Thursday and have been using it now for just 3 days on my tendonitis that I have in my index finger from a guitar injury sustained 15 months ago.

I have to admit that I am skeptical. For the last 2 months, I have been undergoing extensive physical therapy to reduce the inflammation and have a nodule in my index finger.

I have a classic case of tendonitis/RSI. I have not used my finger on the guitar for 6-7 weeks now AND still it is very red and swollen at the tendon (tendonitis is so stubborn and fights every step of the way to stick around I guess).

Since using Penetrex now for the last 3-4 days, I notice the redness going away in a dramatic fashion. Also, the elevated indentation in my finger caused by the nodule/tendon swelling has reduced in the last 3-4 days.

I have been doing ultrasound and icing and electrotherapy and anti-inflammatory prescription pills prescribed by my doctor now for the last 2 months BUT I think it’s the Penetrex that is causing this dramatic change of events that have occurred in in my finger the past 3-4 days.

I plan to keep using Penetrex and will probably be one of many who continues to re-order your product. I hope Penetrex helps me make a full recovery of my tendonitis soon. The redness has been reduced in just 3-4 days. My “trigger finger” clicking sensation has dramatically been reduced as well in just 3-4 days since Penetrex.

Thanks for your product. I’m looking for more than just “temporary” relief. I think Penetrex may actually be “healing” my tendonitis rather than just “covering up the pain”. I hope to be playing guitar again soon as it’s driving me nuts to not be able to right now…”

Myron A.
Elkhart, Indiana

Tennis Elbow Amazon Reviews

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…I was researching tennis elbow on the internet and the article I was reading referred me to your web site. I was impressed with what I read but remained skeptical. I called your representative on your toll free number to discuss the product before ordering.

After looking at the ingredients, and speaking to your phone rep, I decided to try the product. I have been suffering for about 3 years from chronic golfers and tennis elbow on BOTH arms (based on the two sites of my pain). I was waking up daily with numb arms and hands.

Changing my three year old, even putting on her leather sneakers was a source of great discomfort and pain. She wears orthotics in her shoes and I could not manage them on my own as they require some manipulation to get them on.

I have been using Penetrex for three weeks now, and just ordered six more jars. I can put her orthotics and shoes on quite easily now! The relief I feel is amazing. It seems to be better each day, and the awakening with the painful numbness is nearly gone now.

The best part is that the cream appears to be “curative” rather than just disguising the pain. Range of motion is very improved, and though I know the condition still is there, I am not constantly guarding my motions now! And muscles that had started to “atrophy” from disuse are also improved!

I do have a suggestion. The jar description should be changed to something that states “wellness or curative”…since that is a truer description. Though it does relieve pain, the pain relief seems to be the secondary result of the “curative” effect! And that is the highest compliment I can make about this unique product!

I use it three times a day, but if I forget one time now, it is still a lasting relief! I imagine I will be using it twice a day soon. I am going on vacation soon, and am looking forward to swimming and using my arms pain free now! Thank you!…”

Rita H.
Wake Forest, North Carolina

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…I don’t know where to email my appreciation to you guys so I am sending a note of appreciation here. I ordered the Penetrex last week for my mother. My parents are living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I am studying in Germany.

I am grateful that the delivery is super swift! It just took 4 days (from the date I received a letter of confirmation of delivery). Thumbs up for the efficiency! That’s really incredible…considering the long journey and customs etc….

Today, my mum phoned me to tell me she’s been using it for several days now. And although it didn’t work wonders suddenly to her Tennis Elbow, it did really make the pain more bearable and actually has a soothing feeling.

My mum is very satisfied with the product (and it smells nice as well, slight minty smell, she says) and she will definitely want more in the future. She’s also considering massaging the cream on my dad’s right knee which sometimes ached after he had surgery on his knee about 3 years ago.

I just want to say thank you for making a wonderful product that actually works and making me feel more confident with internet sales. :)))…”

Jana K.
Hessen, Germany

Elbow Tendonitis Patient
“…Just got my Penetrex today. Thanks for getting it to me so fast. I can’t believe how fast it works! I thought I would have to go through this several week process before getting any results. Almost immediately after applying the cream, I could feel the decrease in pain & discomfort in my elbow.

It has been killing me for 6-10 weeks. The best the Drs. have done is give me a strap that cuts off my circulation after a while. I really feel the Penetrex is going to help in healing my elbow. Not to be pessimistic, but I was pretty sceptical at first about your cream. I still am not sure it will go as far as I am hoping for, but I will keep praying and keeping up the faith…”

Charles L.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tennis / Golfer’s Elbow & Frozen Shoulder Patients
“…You may be interested to know that of the 2 pots I ordered in last month, one was for me and my husband to ‘keep in the fridge’ as a standby for any aches and pains [fortunately the Tennis Elbow I had a couple of years ago has NOT returned]. The other one was for a friend of mine, Christine, who I do circuit classes with.

Over the past couple of months she’s been complaining of pain in her elbow, which has recently been diagnosed as Golfers Elbow [not due to a repetitive injury, but she bumped her elbow on something at work]. She’s been finding that there’s lots of exercises she can’t do as her elbow is too painful. I suggested she try Penetrex.

Not having access to the internet, I said I’d order it for her. She’s been using it now for 2 weeks, and although it’s still quite painful, she thinks / is hopeful that it’s beginning to help. I think, like all of us who enjoy working out in the gym, she’s impatient and wants the pain to go away completely and immediately. I know I did!

BUT [and this is amazing!] a few days before Christmas she applied some Penetrex to her father’s Frozen Shoulder. Apparently he’s suffered for years, and nothing he’s tried has helped to relieve the pain. He was totally skeptical, but literally 10 minutes later he said his shoulder actually felt warm and a few hours later he had much more movement in it than he’d had for a long time!

A week later he rang Christine to ask if she could get him a pot – hence the order from me yesterday! The second pot I ordered yesterday is for a colleague of mine here at work who also suffers from Frozen Shoulder – but in BOTH shoulders!

I gave her your web address yesterday and said I’d be ordering a pot for Christine’s
father, so could order a pot for her too if she was interested. Having read your website she asked me to get her a pot too – so let’s hope she finds similar relief. Best regards.

P.S. Just before Christmas I noticed another lady at the circuit class wearing a support bandage on her elbow, so asked her what the problem was. Apparently she has Tennis Elbow, and the pain is getting extreme. She’s a PE teacher [and also does triathlons], so for her job I expect it was becoming a problem.

I mentioned Penetrex and the success I’d had with it and gave her your web address – she said she’d order a pot immediately. I’ll be seeing her tonight for the first time since Christmas, so it will be interesting to know if she’s had some relief. I’ll let you know!…”

Susan O.
Bath, England

Cervical Spine Inflammation Patient
“…I would like to let you know how fantastic Penetrex has been for me. I came to find it more or less by accident whilst surfing the net. I am a pianist and composer and had become very depressed, to the point of contemplating suicide.

Due to the disabling pain in my wrists, fingers and elbows, caused by a cervical spine problem, I could not play. With a combination of acupuncture and Penetrex, I can play again!

I am a Registered Nurse, and I have a number of clients as part of a pain management program. One jar of the Penetrex is for a client, to whom I gave a sample, and he asked me to buy him some as he found it so helpful (he is also a musician).

My grandmother uses it for her arthritis and is able to do her cross-stitching again. It is a truly wonderful product. Thank you once again….”

Jocelyn G.
Cumbria, United Kingdom

Customer Service (we take a lot of pride in this!)
“…I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your outstanding service. I recently submitted an order online with your company and was wondering what was taking my order so long.

Then today my wife receives a call from one of your representatives informing us that the shipped package had being returned with an undeliverable address label. Turns out I used part of my work address and home address. Whoops. Also turns out that your rep will not charge me a extra shipping charge to send it again with the correct address.

It is outstanding Service like this that will keep me coming back and sending many new customers your way….”

Rick W.
Henderson, Colorado

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…I just wanted to let you all know that I ordered a jar of Penetrex and it is AWESOME.

I work in a factory and use my hands all night and at first I was very skeptical about purchasing your product because there are so many rip off items for sale that are guaranteed to work, but as the pain got worse I thought I would give it a chance and I am glad that I did.

I also let another girl at work use it and her daughter is going to order her a jar. The numbness and tingly feeling associated with carpal tunnel is gone with this cream. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from this kind of pain, no more waking up in the middle of my sleep cause I can’t feel my arms and wrists. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!…”

Trilla A.
Cleveland, Ohio

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…I recently ordered Penetrex from your company in the USA after doing some research on the web. While I was sceptical I decided that for USD 27 it was worth the gamble to see if the cream worked. I had already spent in excess of $500 in medical bills for Physiotherapy shockwave treatment with little or no success.

Well I can say that I have been amazed. I have battled with chronic tennis elbow in both arms for 8 months and within two weeks it has completely gone, and once again I am pain free. Thanks a million…”

Keith M.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…I just wanted to let you know that I have never ordered anything online before.

I’d wake up in the middle of the night because my hands and arms were falling asleep. My hands were so sore that it was preventing me from doing my job properly. Every day for 8 or 9 hours I use a scanning gun that weighs six pounds, major repetitive motion.

I was at the end of my rope and was dreading telling my employers that I thought I had carpal tunnel. I didn’t want to have surgery and couldn’t afford to be off work. So I went on and came across your web site. I figured what the heck, if it doesn’t work I’m only out $23.00.

First of all, I was very impressed at how fast it came in the mail. Second of all and most importantly, it worked! The very first night I used it, my hands didn’t fall asleep and I am now pain free.

I am totally impressed with your product and I have been recommending it to everyone. In fact, my aunt was suppose to have carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists this fall. She started using your product and she too is now pain free.

I promote your product and hand out your order forms to everyone. In fact, I promote Penetrex so much, that I joke with people and tell them I should become a salesman for Biomax. Thank you for everything so much…”

Eileen K.
Freeport, Maine

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…Though I’m fairly young, I have been afflicted with tennis elbow for several years, and had become accustomed to tolerating moderate pain almost constantly throughout the summer months when my outdoor activities are at their peak.

Then I started a new job, requiring me to keyboard for almost an entire eight hour workday. With the addition of long hours of data entry at a computer, I was now feeling pain down into my wrist and hand as well even to the point of being awakened from sleep whenever I moved. It hurt to turn the ignition key in my car, it hurt to use hairspray, it hurt to do anything with my right hand.

Preparing to visit my doctor for help, I did an Internet search for “tennis elbow” and found my way to the Penetrex website. I was very skeptical, but ordered Penetrex because of the no-risk guarantee. I applied the cream twice per day, once in the morning immediately after showering and once in the evening before bedtime.

To my surprise and delight within one week I had considerable relief from the pain. After one more week, I can honestly say my pain was hardly noticeable. The only change in my activities was the addition of the Penetrex. Penetrex is awesome, I recommend it highly!…”

Kimberly P.
Novi, Michigan

Ankle Sprain Patient
“…About a month ago I tore a lower abdominal muscle while cycling hills (very steep and in high gear). After two weeks and not getting better I decided to see a physician over concern of a hernia.

My doctor told me I did not have a hernia, but rather a slightly torn muscle. Relieved I went home and thought hey, Arnica is for blunt trauma, a torn muscle is trauma, so…why not try it. I did and by day three I was almost totally relieved of symptoms.

I was told not to do anything for three weeks by the doctor and then start at 20% of what I would normally do. By week three of the injury and week one of using Penetrex I was back to normal. This gets better.

The stomach healed and now I’m back on the tennis court. After playing a solid hour and a half, what happens, I roll my ankle. We have all had sprained ankles before and this one was bad. My opponent said he never saw anyone drop so quick on the court. Nice guy huh? Well we load my bike up and I get dropped off at home only to hobble my way inside.

38 years old is catching up with me guys. Anyways, right to the Penetrex. Sure enough I was back on the court in one week, not full strength, but a good 75%. The top tendon was so sprained the first day it looked like a broken bone. Week two is nearing its end from this injury and I can honestly say I am at near full strength. My opponent thought I would be out for six weeks.

Tell the guy who makes this stuff to never stop because as long as Penetrex is around I get to pretend I’m the 24 year old I once was! Thanks again Biomax…”

Richard C.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Golfer’s Elbow Patient
“…This stuff is absolutely amazing. I had an elbow injury (golfer’s elbow) that started in May, when October rolled around and I still couldn’t use my left arm to get a gallon of milk out of the fridge I did some research on-line and stumbled upon an ad for Penetrex.

I decided what the heck, it’s worth 20 bucks to find out if it really works. Instead of using it like the directions say, I was using it and cutting firewood at the same time, and my elbow still healed up in a little more than 2 weeks time. Maybe 3 weeks for absolute completely healed.

That was in 2007. Back in 2008 I did a very similar injury to my right elbow from repetitively reaching across my console in my front seat and grabbing my rifle during hunting season chasing hounds. This involves a lot of driving and stopping and driving and stopping hence the repetitiveness.

None of this is done on public roads in case you are wondering, but anyway It healed my right elbow within a couple weeks, matter of fact I’m weightlifting with it right now without any problems…”

Bill W.
Eros, Louisiana

Golfer’s Elbow Patient
“…I just had to write and say Thank You for such a great product as Penetrex. For years I didn’t know why my elbows hurt and ached like they did. I finally asked the doctor and as usual was put on prednisone which is great for the time you’re taking it. But as predicted the pain came back.

The doctor sent me to physical therapy and that is where I was actually diagnosed with golfer’s elbow (the doctor had said it was bursitis even after x-rays). While doing my exercises I wanted to find out more info on golfer’s elbow and ran across your website. I ordered the Penetrex and much to my surprise it worked.

Using this along with my physical therapy has reduced the pain by 85%. I am now done with physical therapy and I’m wearing some braces to rest my elbows while I try to totally recoup (surgery is not one of favorite things to do) and strengthen the muscles & tendons.

I know the cause of my condition is a number of things 1) I’m a candlemaker by trade 2) I use computers a lot 3) muscles not in shape (just because you’re not fat doesn’t mean you’re in shape.) 4) I’m an avid gardener. All these activities put too much strain on muscles and tendons.

I now use Penetrex and do some tissue massage then I do 20 minutes in the morning of all over body stretching. I also stretch the elbows before I work and try to limit the activity to 20 min. and I’ll stop to stretch. I couldn’t have done it without your product. The thought of me not being able to make my candles or do gardening had me in tears one night.

It has also worked on a hip problem I’ve had from lack of motion. Thanks to you (and my proper diagnosis from the physical therapist) I can ride on my husband’s motorcycle. We may actually go buy a new GoldWing so we can go interstate on the bike.

Thanks again. My physical therapist was going to order your product from my recommendation. There will always be a jar of Penetrex in my cabinet simply because it works…”

Suzanne L.
Provo, Utah

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Golfer’s Elbow Patient
“…I have been using Penetrex for about 2 months and have experienced very good results. I suffer from two ailments, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Golfers Elbow (Tendonitis). This is the first product I have used that has significantly helped my problem…”

Charles C.
Tokyo, Japan

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…I can’t believe the relief your cream has given me. Within 3 applications I found the numbness had improved by 30%, the next day 50%, and within a week almost back to normal.

I happened to have an appt with my specialist this week and took your cream along (he was most impressed). It cost me two hundred and five dollars for the consultation and test, and guess what, he told me to continue with the cream.

So, I am emailing you for a further supply. My friend is also keen to try it as I have found it also works for so much more than CTS…”

Denise P.
Midlothian, Illinois

Wrist Tendonitis Patient
“…Hi. I wanted to tell you that I have had wonderful results using Penetrex!!!! I had almost completely lost the use of my right hand and arm due to the pain and constriction due to tendinitis in my right wrist. Penetrex is incredible, it absolutely worked for me!!!!!! I am a walking billboard for Penetrex! Thank you so much!…”

Joan O.
Lansing, Kansas

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…I have been suffering with tennis elbow for 8 long months. After 2 weeks of using your Penetrex I am pain free. It seems so hard to believe. I read the testimonials on your web site and I decided I had nothing to lose, so I ordered a jar.

I have tried everything else. I play tennis 6 days a week. I have been taking 2400 mgs of ibuprofen a day in order to play. I ice my elbow at least 3-4 x a day. I’ve had cortisone shots, oral steroids and even acupuncture.

I can’t understand how or why this cream works but in my case it does. I applied the cream almost every 2 hours for the first week, and then gradually tapered off to 4x a day. I have been wrapping my arm with the cream and an ace bandage at night, and I am waking up in the morning with no stiffness or pain whatsoever.

I have been playing tennis for a week now without pain, and 3 days now without my tennis elbow band, my arm feels so free! I just ordered another 3 jars, there’s no way I will be without this cream. Thank you for such a wonderful product!…”

Robin L.
Honolulu, Hawaii

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…Thanks for the tub of Penetrex – I call it my ‘magic cream’ because it works like magic!! The tennis elbow has cleared and I’m now no longer in any pain whatsoever. Amazing stuff – How does it work? I don’t know. I’m able to continue with my sporting activities without any problems – I’ll be back for another tub of ‘magic cream’ soon. PS – TELL THE DOCTOR HE BETTER NOT STOP MAKING IT!!!…”

Adrienne P.
Parkside, Australia

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ, Arthritis Patient
“…I can’t tell you how excited my family is over this product. My father-in-law uses it to help with his arthritis. He has bad knees and hip. It helped my sister-in-law with pain in her neck after a car accident and now she wants to keep some in her home.

I let a friend use my jar for TMJ pain when she was visiting from Maryland and she said she is going to order some for herself. I stared using it for carpal tunnel and didn’t have to have surgery.

I told my doctor about it and she wrote it into my file. My husband’s cousin got some for his sister and a friend who suffers with carpal tunnel. This is the greatest product we’ve found in a long time. We tell everyone about it…”

Terri S.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Arm & Elbow Tendonitis Patient
“…The Penetrex works great! I’m not sure why, but it really takes away the pain and inflammation in my elbow and my arm. I use it a couple times a day especially if I know I have to use my computer (which I think is what caused the problem with my arm/elbow in the first place).

Whatever is in the product that takes away the inflammation and pain seems to last for quite a long time before needing to be reapplied…but I suppose if I was on the computer more often, I’d probably have to use the cream more often as well.

The only problem I’ll have with it is cost, being on a fixed income, but unless (and until) I find a less expensive, more effective way of “fixing” my elbow/arm problem, I’ll have to try to find a way to keep buying and using it.

To be honest, I’ve bought things before that were “said to help various problems” that didn’t work at all, so I was skeptical that your product would help me – boy, was I wrong! It certainly makes (my elbow/arm and) me feel a lot better and lets me feel up to using my computer without so much pain.

Thank you for such a great, effective product! If/when I get the opportunity, I will share the name of this product with others, so they, too, can benefit from using it…”

Hi Pamela, My P.S. is just that I forgot to mention that the cream also helps my arthritic, painful hands and my carpal tunnel syndrome. Thanks again!

Donna A.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…I am an RN at [xxxxxx] County Medical Center. I received my Penetrex last Thursday and started using it. By Sunday I was able to curl my hair, drive my car and write without my fingers tingling and going numb

I had been wearing my wrist splints while sleeping and driving and had a wrist compression wrap as well as the handeze glove that I wore at work and other times. I have had an occasional tingle but no numbness since then.

I am very impressed with Penetrex. I have told one of our orthopedic surgeons and some of my colleagues about this product…”

Fran H.
Irvine, California

Tendonitis Patient
“…Prior to trying your product I was being informed about surgical options and their limited success. I had already tried physical therapy, 2 cortisone shots and a full length cast. As a last option I tried the cream and my elbow is steadily improving. Thanks!…”

Andre S.
Edmonton, Canada

Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain Patient
“…I purchased your cream on-line and received it just yesterday. I have had two neck surgeries in the last two years, one in the front of my neck with a fusion from my hip in August of 2000, and one in May of 2001.

The last surgery they went in thru the back of my neck and removed a disc and didn’t do a fusion from my hip. This last surgery is the one I was having trouble with. I had almost constant neck, shoulder and back pain. I’ve been on Soma, Darvacet, and Vicodin. I can’t take any arthritis medication because of GERT.

I ordered your cream as a last resort and am I glad I did. Due to my surgeries I can’t do very much, I have a lot of trouble with using my arms above my head, or lifting anything more than a gallon of milk! I am 46 years old and was getting very depressed.

I received your cream in the mail yesterday, which turned out to be good timing because I just thought I had to wash curtains and windows in our bedroom yesterday. This morning I woke up with an incredible amount of pain in my neck and shoulders, before I took any of my medication I thought, What the heck, I’m going to try this cream…WOW…I am impressed.

I massaged a tiny bit onto my shoulders and my neck and I finally found relief! I think this cream is remarkable and am planning on taking it to work with me to let some of my co-workers try it. I work in a restaurant as a Hostess. I used to be a waitress but due to my neck problems had to switch. In this line of work everyone always has some kind of pain or discomfort.

People don’t realize how hard their waitresses and hostesses work for them, I do, I’ve done both! Back to the point of this letter, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with just this one application of your product and I’m looking forward to having my pain lessened and maybe someday I won’t have to take my medications anymore.

I just can’t believe how much better I felt after I applied Penetrex to the “bad spots”. Thank you so much…”

Emma O.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Patient
“…I must say that I was pretty skeptical and did not hold out much hope that Penetrex would help my Carpal Tunnel condition. I’ve tried splints and even magnets with not much success. An ointment that you simply massaged in a few times a day sounded too good to be true.

I am glad I overcame those doubts because as it turned out your product has been extremely beneficial for me. It has greatly reduced the numbing and tingling in my fingers and helped with my wrist pain through the night.

Please feel free to quote me on your website’s testimonial page. I can only assume that others who would find relief using Penetrex can relate to my story…”

Tina S.
Birmingham, England

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…Many thanks for the shipment confirmation Pamela. I must say that my tennis elbow is MUCH improved since using Penetrex. The effect wasn’t immediate, but after about 3 weeks, there was a considerable and marked improvement and now it doesn’t wake me up at night like it used to – thank you so much!

This order is really just as a “stand-by” for me, in case it flares up again, when I resume playing squash, but is also for a friend of mine who recently took up running, and as a result has now got bursitis in her Achilles tendon so I recommended that she try Penetrex. Hopefully it will help her too! Thanks again…”

Heather J.
Norwich, England

Tennis Elbow Patient
“…Just wanted to let you know how much better I feel! My elbows started hurting several weeks ago, when I thought I would show off what good shape I was in by demonstrating the AbSlide to my 17 year old son. Within a couple of days I was in major pain that kept me awake at night and could not be relieved by any remedy.

I found your website by investigating “tennis elbow” and ordered the cream. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain was at least a 9½; within a week it was probably down to a 3 or 4. Today was the best day I’ve had, with very little discomfort.

Thank you so much. I will be giving some information to my chiropractor tomorrow and we just reordered a jar for my husband’s 89 year old grandmother whose knees are bad. Bless you!…”

Carol F.
Lewisville, Texas

Tendonitis & Trigger Finger Patient
“…I have been using Penetrex for about 3 months now. I play racquet ball, windsurf and whatever else I can to hurt my body. I was scheduled for surgery consultation on my knee, elbow and wrist. I started using the cream and in four days I was 85% better. Of course I cancelled the consultation. Yippeee!

Thanks so much for your cream and help…”

Wendy G. A.
Roslyn, New York

Additional Tennis Elbow Information

Tennis Elbow, or Lateral Epicondylitis, is an affliction where repetitive or immediate trauma has resulted in micro-tears of the wrist extensor muscle tissues at the musculotendinous or the tenoperiosteal junctions of the lateral epicondyle, or possibly both, foremost to irritation, irritation, swelling, weak grip, lack of hand coordination and pain at these spots of injuries.

In today’s substantial-tech environment of typing, mousing, texting and gaming, Tennis Elbow is much-reaching in an amount of items that have practically nothing to do with “tennis”. A fall, repetitive, jerky or sudden motions, heavy lifting of a briefcase or suitcase in the palm-down placement, or the overuse of a screwdriver can all result in trauma and harm to the wrist extensor and supinator teams and the onset of signs or symptoms.

Though none of these mechanisms of injury have anything at all to do with playing tennis, the resulting condition is the very same no make any difference what the “cause” of the harm is. So even however this post is specially for Tennis players, the rehabilitation part of it can be used to any person afflicted with this problem.

MECHANISM OF Injury: Tennis
Those suffering from Tennis Elbow are generally these that perform often, or for prolonged durations of time, are hugely aggressive, perform with inadequate process, particularly in the backhand, (three) and are generally thirty five or older. Tennis Elbow is also typical in adult novices, “in particular these who have bad approach and inadequate musculature.

Therefore it is vital that the wrist extensor muscle group is strengthened in order to stand up to forceful affect that would take place with a tennis backhand return from a direct serve and/or repetitious backhand returns with a lesser diploma of immediate impression force but yet again, are substantial in frequency. Strategy is also equally as vital, as appropriate hand, forearm arm and system positioning can appreciably reduce the total of tension imposed on the wrist extensors when accomplishing a backhand.

Right here is a simple breakdown of how the muscles of differing strengths develop into injured when using both equally poor and great technique:

A) Weak extensors / supinator – normal affect.
B) Typical extensors / supinator – repeated normal effect and/or sudden, forceful affect.
C) Sturdy extensors / supinator – repeated superior affect and/or sudden, excessive influence.

Muscles Affected: Extensors / Supinators

In Tennis Elbow, suffering straight on the lateral epicondyle and/or one to two (one-2) inches distal to the lateral epicondyle in an a lot more generalized place, are the most considerable regions of criticism. The location of the ache is probably to 1st show up at the lateral epicondyle, and then distribute distally to the proximal forearm, then to the wrist and hand. “The epicondylar ache linked with Tennis Elbow is frequently a composite ache that is referred from the supinator, extensor carpi radialis longus and the extensor digitorum muscle groups. (Ref: two)”

When the carpi radialis longus and extensor digitorum are very involved, the most typical symptom skilled is serious discomfort when performing an organization grip with the hand, especially when the hand is put in ulnar deviation, these as when shaking arms. When the hand is placed in ulnar deviation, not only does discomfort improve, but weakness of grip is greatly pronounced, resulting in the inability to grasp or maintain objects. This is viewed rather usually when someone holding a tennis racquet drops their wrist into ulnar deviation, while the subject can no lengthier keep on keeping onto the racquet due to the elevated pain and weakness in this situation. Discomfort in these muscle groups is also drastically elevated each time a powerful grip is combined with forceful supination or pronation (Tennis backhand/forehand) and when the subject grasps a significant object rather than a little object (Tennis racquet deal with).

PREVENTION OF Injuries: Strategies

Sure measures require to be undertaken in purchase to avert Tennis Elbow from taking place in all those whom are novice, intermediate or specialist tennis people. These measures entail the subsequent principals, and all ought to be considered critical in avoiding overuse and direct affect accidents:

A) Preparation

one) Warm-up the muscle groups in advance of you apply or perform a match. Warm muscle tissues are considerably much more versatile, and versatile muscular tissues are a lot less probable to be hurt. Utilizing a heating pad for five-10 minutes before taking part in tennis, doing Flextend stretches and exercises or calisthenics work outs for ten-minutes to warm up the body and get the blood flowing will support strengthen versatility, dexterity and pliability of the muscle tissues, consequently reducing the probabilities of harm or re-damage if you have been afflicted with Tennis Elbow prior to. For people that have suffered a preceding harm, it is even far more important to heat up prior to actively playing.
2) Following the warm-up, practice for five-10 minutes before actual play commences. Undertaking so will additional improve blood-circulation to the muscles and minimize the probability of damage or re-injury.

B) Muscle mass Power AND Size

1) Power: A human being can under no circumstances be as well solid when it happens to preventing accidents from transpiring. Higher extremity and grip strength are the most important factors of stopping Tennis Elbow or other injuries. Even if another person has the greatest technique in the environment, they are still extremely prone to harm if the muscular tissues staying utilized are weak. “Activation of the hand extensors is crucial to the electricity grip(Ref: 3)”, and the electrical power grip is the key to a lot of sports actions, but is especially important in the tennis backhand.

If a human being strengthens their finger, wrist and elbow extensors to withstand 200 lbs. of force instances fifty (50x) and they are only topic to one hundred fifty lbs. of power instances 20 (20x), they will not become injured. But, if these identical muscle tissues can only stand up to 100 lbs. of pressure occasions 10 (10x) and are topic to one hundred fifty lbs. of pressure a person (one) time or one hundred lbs. of force twenty-1 occasions (21x), they will become hurt, and Tennis Elbow will result. Appropriately strengthened muscles do not develop into injured plus powerful muscles can give room for error wherever approach or gear falls short.

* a) Reinforce Finger and Wrist extensor muscle tissue
* b) Strengthen wrist /forearm Supinators

2) Duration is equally essential. Short, restricted restrictive muscle tissue not only hinder array-of-movement (ROM), but are higher possibility for injury because of to a lack of versatility, dexterity and pliability. In brief, stiff muscle tissue tear at their weakest points, which are both at the musculotendinous junction or the tenoperiosteal junction. Much less prevalent, but can nonetheless come about, is that the tissues on possibly facet of the muscle restriction can be affected with partial or micro tears.

These struggling with Tennis Elbow most generally have short restrictive finger and wrist flexor muscle tissue which put an undue tensile strain the extensor muscular tissues, resulting in them to spasm, so it is essential to be confident that the finger and wrist flexor and wrist pronator muscles are of enough size.

Lengthy, robust muscle tissues supply for larger motion and a greater degree of power. The longer a muscle is, the more it can agreement and transfer, and the more it can transfer the higher the velocity and strength of the muscle mass contraction.

* a) Stretch finger and wrist flexors
* b) Stretch wrist/forearm pronators


1) Strengthen your approach: No make a difference your amount of tennis know-how, everybody can increase their backhand method, such as to end leading with the elbow and/or switching from an one-handed backhand to a two-handed backhand. The two of these significantly minimize tension to the wrist extensor and supinator muscle teams.

2) Reinforce your muscle tissues: You can under no circumstances be way too powerful! Sturdy muscles are much a lot less likely to grow to be hurt. Make sure that all of your higher extremity muscles are robust and healthful, in particular the finger, wrist and elbow extensors and wrist/forearm supinators, as these are the muscles that are normally weak and become injured when enjoying tennis.

3) Take care of measurement: A scaled-down tackle is superior than a bigger manage, but the finest 1 is created to match your hand.

four) Use excellent products: Decide on a racquet that is light in fat and has a bigger face in purchase to support hit the ball more “centered”, which lessens vibration and twisting of the racquet.

five) Ball Speed: Choose the form of ball that matches your amount of experience. If you are a beginner, opt for a slower ball. If you are an expert, select whichever ball you like to fit your objective.

six) Racquet Strings: For beginner to intermediate people, use a racquet that is more “loosely” strung, even though innovative people can use whatever they like.

REHABILITATION OF Harm: Mixed Consequences

A) Therapy: Rest can help, but to appropriate the problem at its root cause, rehabilitation therapy, if performed properly, can enormously enhance the price of recovery.

1) Massage: This modality can enable a lot with escalating versatility and variety-of-motion (ROM) back again to the hurt arm though reducing soreness amounts. Be guaranteed that you discover a proficient massage therapist that specializes in sports activities injuries.

two) Bodily Remedy: The equipment applied by a physical therapist can usually be very valuable, this kind of as T.E.N.S, Ultrasound, Infra-Red Light laser, Sinewave, Phonophoresis and other modalities to enable reduce discomfort and irritation, though raising power and overall flexibility.

B) STRETCH:Generating positive that overly small, taught muscle tissue in the higher extremity are lengthened is important in buy to increase flexibility and dexterity of the tissues which in turn lowers the total of tensile stress imposed on the antagonist muscles (extensors) as they try out to preserve equilibrium all around the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

one) Shoulder: Anterior deltoid.

two) Forearm: Finger and wrist flexors, forearm pronators and ulnar deviators of wrist by way of implementation of active Flextend stretches.

C) Workout:Strengthening extended, weak muscular tissues is critical for not only harm prevention but rehabilitation as nicely. Strengthening the muscular tissues surrounding the elbow joint supply balance to the joint in all instructions and is a necessity for athletes of all varieties, particularly tennis players, in order to stop get rid of the existing problem as well as avert future destruction to the extensor group.

1) Shoulder: Posterior deltoid.

2) Forearm: Finger, wrist and elbow extensors, forearm supinators and radial deviators of wrist, using active Flextend work outs.

In summary, it is critical that tennis people have a multi-pronged strategy in getting ready for play, stopping an damage and rehabilitating it if one does take place. Despite the fact that preparation and prevention are the keys to staying away from injury (quite essential), figuring out how to do away with tennis elbow is equally precious. The cause for this is that even with the utmost preparing, circumstances can nevertheless occur exactly where an injury happens, and the personal will will need to carry out the “correct” measures to do away with it in purchase to get back on the court pain-totally free, and as before long as probable. Stay wholesome!

Exercises For Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a type of injury to the muscles and tendons where the point of pain is located where the muscle and tendons insert into the bone of the elbow. After the tennis elbow is allowed to heal, you can start exercising in order to prevent a chronic condition. You can do these exercises even if you don’t have tennis elbow as it is a great prevention method. Here are a few exercises for tennis elbow you should consider.

The first elbow therapy exercises that you should try are the stretching ones which will improve wrist flexion, extension as well as rotation. You’ll have to extend the elbow without flexing it for increasing the amount of stretch as required. It’s recommended that you hold that stretch for about 20-30 seconds and repeat it for 5-10 times. You must avoid stretching it to the point in which you feel pain.

A simple tennis elbow exercise would have to be the prayer stretch that can be done by putting your palms together in front of your chest with the fingers together. Keep in mind that the fingers will have to be under the chin. While holding the palms together, you’ll have to lower the hands towards your waist and stop you feel a minor stretch under the forearms. Hold this for about 20 seconds and then repeat for 4 times.

This form of controlled stretching will help prevent stiffness from tennis elbow. Moving on, you should also try doing flexibility exercises. Such an example of an exercise would be the one in which you place the hand on the table with the palm up and begin by touching the pinky finger to the thumb. Repeat this procedure with the rest of the fingers, and the cycle has to be repeated for 20 times.

Another procedure is the one where you place the forearm on your thigh and begin to make a mild fist and rotate wrist. You’ll have to repeat this procedure for 20 times in both directions. You could also place the hand on your thigh with the palm down and then flip the hand so that the palm will be facing up. This type of exercise should be repeated for about 20 times.

You should also learn about strengthening exercises like the one in which you hand squeeze-put a tennis ball in the palm and squeeze it firmly and then hold for about three seconds. Repeat this procedure right until the muscles tire, without feeling pain. If you find this exercise difficult to do, you might want to use a foam ball in order to build strength and later on get the tennis ball to do the exercise again.

Regardless of the exercises for tennis elbow that you try, never exercise to the point when you start feeling pain. After each session, it is recommended that you apply ice for approximately 15-20 minutes. You might want to perform these exercises at a slower pace in order to prevent pain.